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more of the same but different CHAPTERS 0:00 Memes 2:59 Sequels, Remakes and Adaptations 4:41 Genres 5:40 Superheroes 8:50 What We Want 10:00 The Point 11:30 Into the Spider-Verse 14:24 Close https://www.everythingisaremix.info/watch-the-series/

[https://movielabs.com/ontology-for-media-creation/] - - public:weinreich
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In order for the software that supports collaboration and automation in production workflows to interoperate, common data models and schemas for data exchange are needed. MovieLabs and its member studios developed it’s Ontology for Media Creation (OMC) to improve communication about workflows between people, organizations, and software. The OMC can serve as the underpinnings for that by providing consistent naming and definitions of terms, as well as ways to express how various concepts and components relate to one another in production workflows.

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Changing The Narrative is a network of reporters, researchers, academics, and advocates concerned about the way media represents drug use and addiction. Our mission is to help journalists and opinion leaders provide accurate, humane, and scientifically-grounded information in this contested terrain. We offer expert sources —including people with lived experience of the issues — and up-to-date, fact-checked, and evidence-based information on news and controversies.

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