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[http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070102/ap_on_he_me/diet_girls_magazines] - - public:weinreich
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Teenage girls who frequently read magazine articles about dieting were more likely five years later to practice extreme weight-loss measures such as vomiting than girls who never read such articles.

[http://rinf.com/] - - public:time
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RINF is an independent source for under reported news from around the world, which is updated on a full-time basis by one person, Michael Meaney.

[http://spotrunner.com/] - - public:weinreich
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A service that offers businesses and nonprofits the ability to customize preproduced television ads on various topics/business sectors and do media planning and media buying in an online self-service format.

[http://www.myhap.org.uk/] - - public:time
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The design philosophy behind MediaNet is to provide a common media server for various types of Media players. It's modular design allows new devices to be added that can instantly take advantage of existing media sources and other functions, it also allow

[http://fenton.com/pages/5_resources/pdf/international_issues_final.pdf] - - public:weinreich
filetype:pdf, international, media, media:document, public_relations - 5 | id:79451 -

Getting U.S. media coverage of international issues has its challenges, but it's not impossible. This guide offers these 10 tips to help you cross the divide between events over there to the news over here. From Fenton Communications.

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