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What's new in yabs.io

Our blog, stating what's is new in the https://www.yabs.io development and things that I believe might interest people who use this site.

Fixed bug when viewing your own bookmarks / links


When viewing your own bookmarks or other user bookmarks, the link was not showing if the bookmark did not had any tag. Now it shows also links with no tags.

When importing bookmarks from file can set the state of import to import private or public bookmarks

A new bookmark can no longer be added without tag. Automatically the tag 'no-tag' will be added.

No more sending passwords in clear text email


When signing in or forgetting password, I am no longer sending the password in clear text through the email. Except when requesting a new password you will get a temporary password that needs to be replaced after log in.

Tags can now be in UTF8 format and have Hebrew characters or Ä those characters.

Added load more latest bookmarks


When exploring latest bookmarks on home screen, added a button to load more latest bookmarks.

Some new stuff for saving bookmarks


On Login screen, the first landing page, the Total Stats are displayed even when there is no user connected. Total number of Users, Total number of Bookmarks and Total number of Tags.

Fixing queries for latest tags in new version of MySQL

When editing a Private bookmark, the default for edit stays Private

Export as CSV works

Implementing user delete


You can now delete your account. Go to the profile page and click the delete account button. From there just follow the instructions.

Can also transfer all your bookmarks to private in one click. Also via profile.

Fixed some minor bugs in display of public bookmarks count and typos.

Fixing netscape parser


When loading and importing a delicious.com netscape file: importing a bookmarks file - fixed a bug in the netscape_parser object to disregard comment correctly.

Adding tags to imported bookmarks


When adding tags from a file, importing a bookmarks file (from delicious.com or netscape) you can now add tags to all the imported bookmarks.

It is a smart idea to add atleast one tag, e.g. "imported" to imported bookmarks, so you can later on manipulate all added imported bookmarks

On adding bookmark page, you can now remove and add tags

Filtering inside the tags view


While looking and managing your tags in the Tags Manager screen you can now filter your tags by text and search with in your tags.

A few typos where fixed in the digest newsletter.

Better search and mobile design


I have improved the search inside My Bookmarks page. I think it is much more intuitive now to intersect tags together.

I have also changed, I believe for better, a bit of the design to be more suitable for mobile.

Digest and newsletters


Start sending daily, weekly and monthly digest regarding the trending tags in yabs.io. So each of you can now state in his profile settings page if to receive the digest and newsletter.

One can also start following specific tags and then receive information each time a new bookmark with this tag is added to the system and be in alert.