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Yabs.io FAQ Topics

What is yabs.io ?

Yabs.io is an online service for saving your bookmarks. It can integrate with you browser bookmarks and links like Firefox or Chrome and Opera, but it is more for you to be able to save bookmarks for long time periond.

Yabs.io allows you to retreive and search those bookmarks with tags and free text search.

Meanwhile see the about section - it probably have what you are looking for.

Intersecting Tags

Tags helps you categorize your booksmarks in a smart way. This way, a bookmark of a youtube clip with your favourite German folk song can get multiple tags, like: german, folk, song, clip, youtube, easy-listening.

You will be able to retreive those bookmarks while searching using intersection between tags.

Venn diagram for interscting tags:
Venn Diagram for Intersecting Tags

This is similar for selecting from a database using AND operand.
SELECT * FROM bookmarks WHERE tags LIKE 'programming' AND tags LIKE 'graphics'; Will fetch all links that have been tagged with 'programming' and 'graphics'.

In order to add a new tag, all you have to do is add a new bookmark and tag it. The tag will be added automatically. You can manage your tags in the Tags Manager screen.

Tags Bundle - Union tags

Like Intersecting tags, you can query your saved links database using OR and therefor fetching bookmarks that have been tags with a tag or another tag. Like 'movies', 'clips', 'flic' etc'. This will bring you all bookmarks that at least have one of those tags.

Venn diagram for tags bundle:
Venn Diagram for Union Tags - Bundle

This is similar for selecting from a database using OR operand.
SELECT * FROM bookmarks WHERE (tags LIKE 'programming' OR tags LIKE 'graphics'); In order to create new bundle - go to the Tags Manager screen.


Probably one of the most interesting things in yabs.io is the API. I have created a very nice API for importing data and also an API for retrieving data.

There is a project in githab for using the API of yabs in php for retreiving data: YabsHandler

API for adding to your site

You may add a button yo your site to "Add page to yabs.io", just link to the add page with the url of the page you wish to add. <a href="https://www.yabs.io/a/add.php?url=[Your page URL]">Add to yabs.io</a>

Other bookmarks services

A table list of features and comparison between other online bookmarks services.
- Coming soon.