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About Yabs.io

I have created yabs.io because I needed to save my bookmarks in a smart way for a long time period.

Yabs.io - Yet another bookmarks service resemble del.icio.us in many ways although it have many more features over del.icio.us and hopefully will stay longer time. Yabs is a smart bookmarks manager, much smarter than Google Bookmarks or even your Chrome Bookmarks.

Yabs.io - making bookmarks great again :-)

Some of yabs.io features

About me

I like to develop software. See me here: Cnaan Aviv, you may also see other projects I have created: c2kb.com or follow me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Contact Me

Contact me via my website, Or write me an email

Cnaan Aviv


yabs.io have and API for exporting data, searching, retrieving bookmarks, as well as an API for adding data.



Add bookmark from any browser, Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Firefox (Except latest version of Firefox - see below)

+ yabs.io - Drag this link to your browser toolbar. It allows adding from any browser.

Add bookmark from latest Firefox version

+ yabs.io - Drag this link to your Firefox browser toolbar. It allows adding from Firefox browser.

* Fixing a bug in Firefox opening a new window

Import from files

Import from Netscape bookmarks file (Delicious / del.icio.us was using for export)