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[http://ti1.free.fr/] - - public:closed20180702
linux, tutoriels - 2 | id:167904 -

Site regroupant des tutos sur Linux tel que la manipulation de chaines. Vraiment très interessant.

[http://www.netpower.fr/osync] - - public:closed20180702
linux, logiciels, utilitaires - 3 | id:167889 -

A two way filesync script with fault tolerance, resuming, deletion backup and conflict backups running on linux and virtually any system supporting bash. File synchronization is bidirectional, based on rsync, and can be run manually, by cron, or triggered whenever a file changes on master.

[https://torsion.org/borgmatic/] - - public:closed20180702
backup, borg, borgbackup, linux, logiciels, utilitaires - 6 | id:83285 -

borgmatic (formerly atticmatic) is a simple Python wrapper script for the Borg backup software that initiates a backup, prunes any old backups according to a retention policy, and validates backups for consistency

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