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Story revolves around transformation and change, defined as the “Transformational journey of a human being.“ First type: A character changes drastically for the better, exemplified by “A Christmas Carol“ and “Groundhog Day.“ Second type: A character remains steadfast in their beliefs, changing the people around them instead. Third type: A character fails to change or realizes the need to change too late, resulting in a tragedy. The essence of a story is determined by its support of transformation, guiding what to include or exclude in the narrative.

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Capte is an innovative AI-powered platform that automates transcription, subtitling, and translation for video content. Add stylish captions, emojis, and animations to your videos to captivate your audience. Capte offers HD and 4K export options for professional-grade videos. Designed for creators, educators, and agencies, Capte simplifies the video editing process, allowing you to focus on creativity. Its user-friendly interface makes complex tasks easy and efficient. Optimize your social media presence with Capte’s automated post recommendations, helping you engage a wider audience.

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Youtube alternative

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Access, from a single point thanks to Captvty, live broadcasts and a multitude of programs offered for catch-up by different French-speaking television channels.

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This is a map of subcultures within an organization (it's called a fitness landscape). It's built from stories told by the people in the organization. What can you do with it? Understand where the culture(s) are and request changes by saying I want “More stories like these...“ and “Fewer like those...“ Dave Snowden and The Cynefin Company (formerly Cognitive Edge) are offering impactful ways to visualize culture, and communicate direction in a manner that is customized to where each subculture is now and where their next best step is. Watch this video until 48:48 for more on the science and method (Link at 44:33) https://lnkd.in/emuAzp6E Stories collected using The Cynefin Co's Sensemaker tool.

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If you knew that Bengaluru’s informal waste pickers stopped over 38 crores kilograms of waste from reaching the landfills every year so the waste could be recycled, wouldn’t you feel like making song to celebrate it? We already did! #InvaluableRecyclers

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