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[https://lampyre.io/] - - public:drbrandus
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Focus on your analytical tasks, not on searching for ways of obtaining data. Forget about converting formats. Set up your sources and interlink data in one place. Not enough information? Enrich your data in one click. The results you’ve only seen in movies! That’s what ‘Lampyrise this!’ means.

[https://www.beadifier.pro/] - - public:xxx
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Turn images to beads

[https://www.c2kb.com/calendar/] - - public:underdog-projects
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Agenda like never seen before. It is like Google Maps for your Calendar. Allowing you to see an overview of years, months, weeks and days of your Agenda. You can zoom-in and see details of every day or zoom-out and see your global plans for the summer. This extension uses SVG and HTML5 in a unique matter giving you the option to plan your vacation, to plan your work a head and see your schedule in a very intuitive very easy to use Schedule-Mapping.

[http://ourwebstop.com/polit/index.php?bri=fred] - - public:time
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