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[https://programming.in.th/task/problem.php?pid=1051] - - public:stevetao
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[https://konstantinkhomyakov3d.github.io/real-time-engines/] - - public:amedlock
gamedev, programming - 2 | id:272064 -

Here is a small collection of open source engines and helper libs related to real-time rendering I’ve found for self-learning purposes. No particular order, veterans of the industry mixed with hobby projects. May be useful for someone looking for graphics programming sources of inspiration :feelsgood:

[https://medium.freecodecamp.org/es5-to-esnext-heres-every-feature-added-to-javascript-since-2015-d0c255e13c6e] - - public:xxx
features, javascript, learn, new, programming, to_read, tutorials, webdev - 8 | id:243930 -

I wrote this article to help you move from pre-ES6 knowledge of JavaScript and get you quickly up to speed with the most recent advancements of the language. JavaScript today is in the privileged…

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