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[https://boxy-svg.com/app] - - public:realjck
Design, Pictures, Tool, WebApp, Webdesign - 5 | id:1492289 -

Free web-application for editing and making SVGs. Good alternative to inkscape. Recommended for quickly resizing and centering icons

[https://www.hollywood-mal.com/index.html] - - public:realjck
Games, Programming, Software - 3 | id:1489340 -

Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create applications and games very easily. The following platform architectures are currently supported by Hollywood: AmigaOS 3 (m68k), AmigaOS 4 (ppc), Android (arm), AROS (x86), iOS (arm), Linux (x86), Linux (x64), Linux (arm), Linux (ppc), macOS (arm64), macOS (x86), macOS (x64), macOS (ppc), MorphOS (ppc), WarpOS (m68k/ppc), Windows (x86), Windows (x64)

[https://readme.so/editor] - - public:realjck
Open-source, Programming, WebApp - 3 | id:1486997 -

simple editor to quickly add and customize all the sections you need for your project's readme

[https://captvty.fr/] - - public:realjck
Software, TV, Video - 3 | id:1484702 -

Access, from a single point thanks to Captvty, live broadcasts and a multitude of programs offered for catch-up by different French-speaking television channels.

[https://www.drawio.com/] - - public:realjck
Design, Infographics, Programming, Software, Tool - 5 | id:1484652 -

draw.io is free online diagram software for making flowcharts, process diagrams, org charts, UML, ER and network diagrams. No login or registration required.

[https://www.riffusion.com/] - - public:realjck
AI, Music - 2 | id:1483649 -

music generative AI

[https://archives.design/] - - public:realjck
Books, Design - 2 | id:1461460 -

A digital archive of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives

[https://neal.fun/] - - public:realjck
Infographics - 1 | id:1414245 -

Interactive infographics websites

[https://www.pcjs.org/] - - public:realjck
Programming, Retro, Software - 3 | id:1385033 -

PCjs uses JavaScript to emulate a small collection of hardware and software that I grew up with in the 1970s and 1980s, allowing you to experience their slow CPUs, low-resolution displays, and primitive sound effects, all in the comfort and safety of your desktop or mobile web browser.

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