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[http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/~liberti/public/computing/prog/c/C/CONCEPT/data_types.html] - - public:legoman
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[http://cplus.about.com/library/blctut.htm] - - public:Trinsec
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Become an expert in object-oriented design with these resources for developers, programmers, and students. Find tips and projects for C, C++, C# and Google Go.

[http://computer.howstuffworks.com/c.htm] - - public:Trinsec
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If you are a programmer, or if you are interested in becoming a programmer, there are a couple of benefits you gain from learning Learn how to write computer programs in C.

[http://www.cyberdiem.com/vin/learn.html] - - public:Trinsec
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This list of C and C++ language tutorials includes interactive courses, tutorials, public domain code collections, and books.

[http://vala.paldo.org/] - - public:megatux
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raries in high-level programming languages but can't or don't want to use C# or Java for various reasons, so they are stuck with C without syntax support for the GObject type system. The Vala

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