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[http://laurent.riesterer.free.fr/regexp/] - - public:Trinsec
Coding, Development, Free, Import, Linux, programming, RegExp, Software, Tools, Windows - 10 | id:72345 -

"Tired of debugging your regular expressions ? Do you want to quickly build efficient regexps ? Visual REGEXP is for you ! This software will let you design your regexps by letting you type the expression and visualize its effect on a sample of your choice."

[http://cgmail.tuxfamily.org] - - public:Trinsec
Email, Import, Linux, Notifications, programming - 5 | id:72356 -

"cGmail (check gnome mail) is an email checker and notifier applet for the gnome desktop written in python. cGmail will check periodically your account/s and will notify you on new incoming mails. "

[http://sourcefrog.net/projects/newuserfs/] - - public:zhesto
linux, programming - 2 | id:20656 -

a userspace filesystem hook for Linux 2.4

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