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[https://legrajs.com/] - - public:xxx
graphs, js, lego, library, webdev - 5 | id:272049 -

Create graphics using Lego-like bricks.Create graphics using Lego-like bricks.

[https://itnext.io/pwa-splash-screen-and-icon-generator-a74ebb8a130] - - public:xxx
apps, generator, pwa, splash, webdev - 5 | id:266607 -

PWA asset generator based on Puppeteer. Automatically generates icons and splash screens based on Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Updates manifest.json and index.html file

[https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2019/08/real-time-multiplayer-virtual-reality-game-part-1/] - - public:xxx
games, html5, tutorials, webdev, webgl - 5 | id:266574 -

In this first part of the series, you will learn how to create a virtual reality scene with interactive game elements. These game elements can later be used for a fully-fledged, multiplayer VR game.

[https://blog.logrocket.com/8-dom-features-you-didnt-know-existed-ec2a0a28fd89/] - - public:xxx
development, DOM, elements, html, javascript, snippets, tricks, webdev - 8 | id:253680 -

With so much focus on tooling lately, it’s nice to take a break from all of the React and npm-install-everything posts and take a closer look at some pure DOM and Web API features that work in modern browsers with no dependencies. This post will consider eight lesser-known DOM features that have strong browser support. […]

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