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[https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/find-by-topic/#cat=engineering&subcat=computerscience] - - public:willetfarm
Career, DataScience, JavaScript, jQuery, Programming, Reference, SQL, Testing, Work - 9 | id:283150 -

MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,400 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge.

[https://alain.xyz/blog/raw-webgl] - - public:xxx
code, github, javascript, js, ts, tutorial, webgl - 7 | id:273132 -

An overview on how to write a WebGL application. Learn what key data structures and types are needed to draw in WebGL.

[https://levelup.gitconnected.com/build-a-pwa-using-only-vanilla-javascript-bdf1eee6f37a] - - public:xxx
javascript, pwa, tutorial - 3 | id:266993 -

“A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver a native app-like experience to users. These apps meet certain requirements (see below), are deployed to…

[https://quarkjs.io/] - - public:xxx
desktop, development, ide, javascript - 4 | id:265592 -

Quark is a general purpose software tool specifically designed to help you create projects written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with native desktop app like capabilities.

[https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2019/07/progressive-web-application-pwa-framework-part-1/] - - public:xxx
development, javascript, pwa, tutorials - 4 | id:265589 -

You don’t need to be a Computer Science graduate or know a JavaScript framework to create a Progressive Web Application. With some HTML and CSS knowledge and basic competency with JavaScript, you have all the skills you need.

[http://tabulator.info/] - - public:xxx
html, javascript, lib, library, table - 5 | id:265588 -

Create interactive data tables in seconds with Tabulator. A lightweight, fully featured JavaScript table generation library.

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