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מגזין EV - חדשות, עדכונים ומידע בנושא רכבים חשמליים. מידע על קניית רכב חשמלי, איפה מטעינים את הרכב ומה חדש וחם בעולם הרכבים החשמליים והאנרגיה הירוקה.

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פגישה מקרית באי יווני הוליד סיפור אהבה שנמשך שנים, וגם את השיר "שלום לך, מריאן". ערב מותה של אהובתו נפרד ממנה כהן בשנית, הפעם במכתב

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למרות שגדלנו על "כיפה אדומה" ו"סינדרלה", יש הורים שמעדיפים שלא לחשוף את ילדיהם לאגדות שעוסקות במוות וסבל. לידיעתכם - אגדה היא לא סתם סיפור חביב אלא כלי המסייע להתפתחות רגשית ולפיתוח חוסן נפשי

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הורדוס, הצלבנים והעותמאנים – נראה שכל מי שחלף פה באלפיים השנים האחרונות השאיר אחריו מבצר או מצודה ששרידיהם קיימים עד היום. המלצות לטיולים מקומיים באווירת "משחקי הכס"

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Good news for Old Testament textual critics! The University of Zurich Library has made the volumes of CTAT available for free download as part of ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive). I’ve been told (correct me if you know something more) that there will be no Pentateuch volume for this series. I want to thank Dougald Mclaurin and Brian Davidson for bringing this news to my attention. Enjoy!

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Have you ever wanted a list of the Psalms ordered by the number of unique words in each (and therefore, listed shortest to longest)? You can do this in BW if you wish to take on a Hebrew study challenge of reading the Psalms in that order.

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My current concern, however, is not, as has recently become popular in isolated circles, how the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible can be relevant or problematic for Jewish/Christian philosophy of religion. Rather, I try to show how descriptive varieties of philosophy of religion can be used for a clarification of beliefs, concepts and practices in ancient Israelite religion.

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Alexander Andrason and Juan-Pablo VIta, The YQTL-Ø "Preterite" in Ugaritic Epic Poetry. Archiv Orientalni (2017) 85/3: 345-387.

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Volumes 1-14 (1977 - 1994) | full-text

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You will enjoy this introduction to Biblical Hebrew taught by Dr. Anne Davis. There are only seven lessons, but they will give you an overview of the structure of the language and will help you build a foundational knowledge of vocabulary.

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An article on the process of designing typefaces for the language other than your own — challenges of looking at unfamiliar patterns, letters, and their cultural significances. + https://www.typotheque.com/blog/a_new_hebrew_font_collection

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Holroyd applies this more-expansive application of performative theories of language to the oracle against Babylon in MT Jeremiah 50–51 to study the illocutionary force of the oracle against Babylon on some of its many levels, including lower levels in which the oracle performs to Babylon and to Israel and higher levels in which the oracle performs within the collection of foreign nation oracles and the larger text of MT Jeremiah. + https://www.etf.edu/en/30th-international-doctoral-week-at-etf-leuven/ + http://westminpca.com/about-us/staff/

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For the final session, I wanted to give people a chance to try writing Ugaritic in clay for themselves. This is something I’ve done a fair bit of experimentation with over the last few months, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my posts here and on my own blog. Writing cuneiform can give you a much better appreciation of the writing system and the practicalities of being a scribe.

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System for HEBrew Text: ANnotations for Queries and Markup

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Not disregarding the diachronic dimension of the text, at the heart of this study is a close theological reading of Exodus 32-34 and Numbers 13-14 in their final form with focus on the nature and theological function of Moses' prayers. + http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/WIDMOSESG + http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/WIDSTANDI

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The International Critical Commentary -- ICC -- on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, Edited by C.A.Briggs, S.R.Driver, A.Plummer. and many 19th century scholars of America and Europe. Here is the set of the ICC Critical and Exegetical Commentary Old Testament series. Some volumes could not be found and good or better alternate works and volumes are selected as replacement to complete the set, and may be, in turn and time, replaced by the original volumes when found.

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I want to be able to identify Hebrew verbs that do NOT occur in the Qal, rather only in the Piel or Hiphil or whatever.

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The purpose of this book is to help postmodern Westerners understand what the Bible has to say about wealth and possessions, basing itself on the presumption that (a) nobody can understand themselves apart from some recognition of their spiritual roots, and (b) that these roots sink deeper into the pages of the Bible than most Westerners realize.

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Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society | full archive PDF

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Dr. Cyndi Parker lived and taught in Israel for five years before pursuing PhDstudies on the biblical view of place.

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