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[https://tagging.connectpaste.com/] - - public:xxx
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Tagging a file or folder with connect paste in the windows file explorer. Create your own tag structure and combine tags to find your files and folders.

[https://bookmarkos.com/every-bookmark-manager-ever-made/] - - public:xxx
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The following is an attempt to categorize every bookmark manager ever made into the following categories: visual-based, list-based, start pages, search-based, tag-based, tab management, read it later, image bookmarking, privacy focused, sync-based, offline downloadable solutions, and other.

[https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5374089,00.html] - - public:xxx
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הורדוס, הצלבנים והעותמאנים – נראה שכל מי שחלף פה באלפיים השנים האחרונות השאיר אחריו מבצר או מצודה ששרידיהם קיימים עד היום. המלצות לטיולים מקומיים באווירת "משחקי הכס"

[https://letstalkalgorithms.com/analysis-of-2018-hacker-news-who-is-hiring-job-posts] - - public:xxx
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If you are an avid Hacker News user, you would know that there's a hiring comment thread during the start of every month called, Who is Hiring. Hundreds of companies from across the world post job posts as comments to that thread every month on the thread hoping to find potential employees.chart created using amCharts live editor

[https://findair.co.uk/] - - public:xxx
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Compare online flight tickets from various airlines and providers

[http://traveltriangle.com/] - - public:xxx
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Customize an Unforgettable Experience with help of multiple local expert agents! Add offbeat attractions, choose local cuisines, add local activities, plan village tour or local shopping. NASSCOM top 50 emerging companies of India, TieCon Top 9 companies, Website of the year 2011, Esparks 2011 Hottest E-commerce startups

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