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[https://linuxize.com/post/getting-started-with-tmux/] - - public:xxx
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Tmux is a terminal multiplexer an alternative to GNU Screen. In other words, it means that you can start a Tmux session and then open multiple windows inside that session. Each window occupies the entire screen and can be splitted into rectangular panes.

[https://fosswire.com/post/2008/04/ubuntu-cheat-sheet/] - - public:Trinsec
CheatSheet, Commandline, Import, Linux, software - 5 | id:71992 -

"With the Ubuntu 8.04 release a few days away, there comes a time when one needs an end-all reference to the system. The time is now, and if you're an Ubuntu user and liked the original cheat sheet, then do we have a surprise for you:"

[https://www.eriwen.com/tools/grep-is-a-beautiful-tool/] - - public:Trinsec
Commandline, Import, programming, RegExp, Tools, Tutorials - 6 | id:72320 -

"Global Regular Expression Print is a staple of every command-line user’s toolbox. As with find, it derives a lot of power from being combined with other tools and can increase your productivity significantly."

[http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/] - - public:Trinsec
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"These Web pages presents a set of examples using ImageMagick ("IM," for short) from the command line. However, they also illustrate what can be done using the ImageMagick Application Programming Interface (API). As such, these pages should be the first stop for IM users after reading the terse Command Line (CLI) Option manuals."

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