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[http://www.objectmentor.com/resources/articles/xpepisode.htm] - - public:megatux
agile, programming, tdd, xp - 4 | id:227508 -

Engineer Notebook: An Extreme Programming Episode

[http://www.concordion.org/] - - public:megatux
acceptance, agile, java, tdd, testing - 5 | id:227602 -

Concordion is an open source framework for Java that lets you turn a plain English description of a requirement into an automated test — an active specification.

[http://code.google.com/p/infinitest/] - - public:megatux
agile, junit, tdd, testing, tools - 5 | id:227801 -

Infinitest is a continuous JUnit test runner designed to facilitate Test Driven Development. Infinitest helps you learn TDD by providing feedback as you work, and helps you master TDD by reducing your feedback cycle from minutes to mere seconds.

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