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[https://lwuit.dev.java.net/] - - public:megatux
development, framework, gui, j2me, java, mobile - 6 | id:227159 -

LWUIT is a UI library that is bundled together with applications and helps content developers in creating compelling and consistent Java ME applications. LWUIT supports visual components and other UI goodies such as theming, transitions, animation and more.

[http://mandragora.sourceforge.net/] - - public:megatux
development, framework, java - 3 | id:227191 -

Mandragora is an open source project focused on providing an extensible framework to build the business layer of java applications.

[http://jazz.coderight.nl/] - - public:megatux
desktop, development, framework, gui, java, swing - 6 | id:227196 -

Jazz is a framework for developing cross-platform desktop applications in Java. Jazz is build on top of Swing and provides an infrastructure and many features for writing large-scale applications. Is easy to learn and enforces clean separation of presentation and business logic. Jazz is a powerful alternative to plain Java/Swing. Features * Hierarchical Model-View-Controller * Asynchronous Multi-Threading * Event-Driven Architecture * Internationalization * Data Binding * Validation * Forms

[http://staf.sourceforge.net/] - - public:megatux
automation, framework, Testing, tools - 4 | id:227235 -

The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is an open source, multi-platform, multi-language framework designed around the idea of reusable components, called services (such as process invocation, resource management, logging, and monitoring). STAF removes the tedium of building an automation infrastructure, thus enabling you to focus on building your automation solution. The STAF framework provides the foundation upon which to build higher level solutions, and provides a pluggable approach supported across a large variety of platforms and languages.

[http://exactor.sourceforge.net/index.html] - - public:megatux
acceptance, for:jvelilla, framework, testing, xp - 5 | id:227666 -

Exactor is a framework for writing automated acceptance tests of the kind advocated by Extreme Programming. Customers or testers write acceptance tests using a simple plain text format. Programmers write the commands specified by the customer tests and co

[http://www.goldenstudios.or.id/products/GTGE/index.php] - - public:megatux
2D, engine, framework, gamedev, Java, library - 6 | id:227745 -

Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) is an advanced cross-platform game programming library written in Java language. GTGE library provides a complete routines for making 2D game from low level routines such as hardware accelerated 2D graphics, mouse and keyboard

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