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"The replacementdocs.com pledgereplacementdocs.com pledges to bring you only high quality scanned images of instruction manuals in their full, original format with all original artwork and other graphical elements intact. There will be no text-only documentation unless that is how it was originally released. There will also be no conversion to monochrome images or any other severe quality degradation."

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The Linux Documentation Project is working towards developing free, high quality documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in all of the issues of Linux documentation.

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Welcome to the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®) website. Feel free to browse news and articles on UML, success stories, available certification and training, along with the current specifications. UML is OMG's most-used specification, and the way the world models not only application structure, behavior, and architecture, but also business process and data structure. Our members define and maintain the UML specification which we publish in the series of documents for your free download. Software providers of every kind build tools that conform to these specifications. To model in UML, you...

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