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[http://www.netpower.fr/osync] - - public:closed20180702
linux, logiciels, utilitaires - 3 | id:167889 -

A two way filesync script with fault tolerance, resuming, deletion backup and conflict backups running on linux and virtually any system supporting bash. File synchronization is bidirectional, based on rsync, and can be run manually, by cron, or triggered whenever a file changes on master.

[https://f-droid.org/en/] - - public:closed20180702
android, freedom, logiciels, store - 4 | id:83267 -

F-Droid est un catalogue installable d’applications de logiciels libres et Open Source pour la plate-forme Android

[https://torsion.org/borgmatic/] - - public:closed20180702
backup, borg, borgbackup, linux, logiciels, utilitaires - 6 | id:83285 -

borgmatic (formerly atticmatic) is a simple Python wrapper script for the Borg backup software that initiates a backup, prunes any old backups according to a retention policy, and validates backups for consistency

[https://github.com/lefcha/imapfilter] - - public:closed20180702
cli, imap, linux, logiciels, utilitaires - 5 | id:83052 -

IMAPFilter is a mail filtering utility. It connects to remote mail servers using the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), sends searching queries to the server and processes mailboxes based on the results. It can be used to delete, copy, move, flag, etc. messages residing in mailboxes at the same or different mail servers. The 4rev1 and 4 versions of the IMAP protocol are supported.

[https://sourceforge.net/projects/advtor/] - - public:closed20180702
logiciels, proxy, reseaux, tor, windows - 5 | id:83051 -

Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the OR network and is intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users. Some of the improvements include UNICODE paths, support for HTTP and HTTPS proxy protocols on the same Socks4/Socks5 port with HTTP header filtering that generates fake identity-dependent headers every time the identity is changed (proxy chains are also supported), support for NTLM proxies, a User Interface that makes Tor's options and actions more accessible, local banlist for forbidden addresses, private identity isolation, a point-and-click process interceptor that can redirect connections from programs that don't support proxies, also giving them fake information about the local system and support for .onion addresses.

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