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[http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/index.php?s=01115eb30af5a8baaaa2a6265c6182b6] - - public:time
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[http://www.talkshoe.com/se/about/TSAbout.html] - - public:time
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There are chat rooms, but they often deteriorate into useless jabberwocky. There's IM, but it’s just text. Then there's the phone, but finding new people to talk to is not practical. Thus was born TalkShoe™ — a new way to talk with interesting peopl

[http://www.xpl-home.org/forums/index.php] - - public:time
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Using xPL This is the place to ask questions about using xPL - whether that's installing the software or getting your hardware working.

[http://www.uavforum.com/index.shtml] - - public:time
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Welcome to the UAV Forum. As your host, SRA International, Inc. is striving to make this the definitive website on the subject of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Like the forums of ancient times, the purpose of this website is to serve as a marketplace for the

[http://empegbbs.com/ubbthreads/dosearch.php?Cat=0&Forum=All_Forums&Words=&daterange=1&newertype=d&newerval=1&Limit=25&fromsearch=1] - - public:time
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The definitive site for Empeg information.

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