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Forward-thinking public health professionals are reaching across sectors to build healthier communities. Recognizing that effective collaboration advances everyone’s mission, Public Health Reaching Across Sectors (PHRASES) supports an “all-hands-on-deck” approach with tools to build communication skills and strategies designed for success.

[https://ssir.org/articles/entry/cutting_through_the_complexity_a_roadmap_for_effective_collaboration#] - - public:weinreich
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Launching and sustaining effective collaborations and networks requires that we pay constant attention to five activities: Clarifying purpose Convening the right people Cultivating trust Coordinating existing activities Collaborating for systems impact

[http://www.collaborationcompany.com/ideathon.html] - - public:weinreich
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For 24 hours, we bring together some of the most highly valued people from within Unilever to join forces with peers from other major organisations to generate 'money can't buy' creative solutions for charities.

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