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[http://www.gwu.edu/~cih/journal/JHClink/v11n8_maibach.pdf] - - public:weinreich
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Free article from J. of Health Communication that identifies four segments of the adult popn with regard to health information preferences based on their degree of engagement in health enhancement, and degree of independence in health decision making.

[http://www.womma.org/content/newsletters/research/How_Social-Cause_Marketing_Affects_Consumer_Perceptions.pdf] - - public:weinreich
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Using affinity social-cause marketing techniques -- as opposed to sports/entertainment affinity marketing -- increases consumers' perception of brands' trustworthiness, according to a recent MIT Sloan Management Review article. (via WOM Research newslette

[http://fenton.com/pages/5_resources/pdf/international_issues_final.pdf] - - public:weinreich
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Getting U.S. media coverage of international issues has its challenges, but it's not impossible. This guide offers these 10 tips to help you cross the divide between events over there to the news over here. From Fenton Communications.

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