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[http://www.resonancepartnership.com/resonance_partnership/2006/07/if_men_are_from.html] - - public:weinreich
blogging, research - 2 | id:79473 -

A great summary from Resonance Partnership Blog of the concerns raised about a recent report from Jupiter Research and a list of questions to ask to determine whether research reports are valid

[http://netsquared.org/mobileactive] - - public:weinreich
mobile, social_change - 2 | id:79486 -

MobileActive is a global network of organizations, technologists, organizers, and activists who are using mobile phones in their social change work.

[http://www.kff.org/entpartnerships/7515.cfm] - - public:weinreich
campaign_effects, health_communication, HIV_AIDS, media, sample_campaigns - 5 | id:79487 -

This report focuses on how national media campaigns on HIV/AIDS have evolved over the last 25 years in the U.S., reflecting the changing nature of the disease as awareness and treatment have progressed. It also provides insight on the approaches, historic

[http://www.itshowwelive.com/] - - public:weinreich
cause_marketing, nonprofit - 2 | id:79505 -

A $100,000 package of in-kind communications services to create and launch a breakthrough cause marketing campaign for a visionary nonprofit and its corporate partner. Applications due 7/31/06.

[http://www.kff.org/entmedia/20020221a-index.cfm] - - public:weinreich
advertising, PSA - 2 | id:79508 -

Shouting to be Heard: Public Service Advertising in a New Media Age was released by the Kaiser Family Foundation

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