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[https://medium.com/vanmoof/our-secrets-out-f21c1f03fdc8#.t1e2ndt31] - - public:weinreich
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VanMoof bikes were tired of their bikes getting damaged during shipping. "Our co-founder Ties had a flash of genius. Our boxes are about the same size as a (really really reaaaally massive) flatscreen television. Flatscreen televisions always arrive in perfect condition. What if we just printed a flatscreen television on the side of our boxes?" And just like that, shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70–80%.

[http://e360.yale.edu/feature/how_the_attack_on_science_is_becoming_global_contagion/3039/] - - public:weinreich
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Assaults on the science behind climate change research and conservation policies are spreading from the U.S. to Europe and beyond. If this wave of “post-fact” thinking triumphs, the world will face a future dominated by pure ideology.

[http://www.arcusfoundation.org/publications/report-provides-insight-effecting-lasting-change/] - - public:weinreich
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This publication, designed as an open resource for grantees and the wider conservation and social justice movements, showcases the issues often faced by those in both sectors. It includes an overview of behavior change theories, a compilation of successful behavior change campaigns, lessons learned, and tools for planning new initiatives.

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