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[https://vianneyfaiv.re/2016/08/25/liferay-service-builder-how-to-use-localized-fields/] - - public:txapeldot
Liferay, Localized, ServiceBuilder - 3 | id:49938 -

Liferay has a built-in mechanism for handling localization of some DB fields. It uses a particular XML format and some APIs to get a value based on a java.util.Locale. You have to use the Service Builder to leverage this capability. Below are the different steps to follow. Definition of your entity in service.xml You have…

[https://www.xatakawindows.com/windows/como-ocultar-para-siempre-el-icono-de-actualizacion-a-windows-10-de-la-barra-de-tareas] - - public:txapeldot
Windows7 - 1 | id:49936 -

A pesar de que la oferta de actualización gratis a Windows 10 es muy conveniente, la forma en que se nos notifica de esta en el PC no lo es tanto. Se nos muestra un pop-up con información sobre la actualización, e invitándonos ...

[https://www.javaworld.com/article/2075966/core-java/start-up-the-velocity-template-engine.html] - - public:txapeldot
ApacheVelocity - 1 | id:49934 -

Geir Magnusson Jr. gets you started with using the Velocity Template Engine and the Velocity Template Language to render various types of Web application data in a Java servlet environment.

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