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[http://www.zabaware.com/empeg/] - - public:time
audio, empeg, TTS - 3 | id:4605 -

TTS Clock is a simple bash script for the Empeg Rio Car that will speak out loud the weekday, month, day, and time using prerecorded files a few seconds after ignition. Click here to here a sample of it speaking in MP3.

[http://www.lifehacker.com/software/feature/hack-attack-the-selfsustaining-ipod-151662.php] - - public:time
audio, hack, ipod, itunes, music, windows - 6 | id:4659 -

By the end of this little tutorial, you'll be able to rip a CD, sync the MP3s to your iPod, then play any music off your iPod from any computer without ever having to install anything on that computer - and not once will you have to open iTunes to do it.

[http://www.mikewinter.org/musicmuppet/] - - public:time
audio, empeg, mp3, Rio, software - 5 | id:4662 -

The chief benefit of this is that one no longer needs any server software running on a host PC, aside from whatever is necessary to boot the receiver, and a web server to serve the music.

[http://www.myhap.org.uk/] - - public:time
audio, homeAutomation, media, rio, software, xpl - 6 | id:4698 -

The design philosophy behind MediaNet is to provide a common media server for various types of Media players. It's modular design allows new devices to be added that can instantly take advantage of existing media sources and other functions, it also allow

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