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[https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2022-11/index.html] - - public:mzimmerm
bug, emacs, email - 3 | id:1294488 -

emacs-devel bugs and discussion

[https://instances.social/list/advanced#lang=&allowed=&prohibited=&min-users=&max-users=] - - public:mzimmerm
mastodon, server - 2 | id:1294443 -

Shows instances with a series of questions, can sort by size. Mastodon.social has almost a million users

[https://buffer.com/resources/mastodon-social/] - - public:mzimmerm
mastodon, server - 2 | id:1294442 -

Describes some apps that show followers on Twitter that are also on Mastodon. You can use tools like Debirdify and Fedifinder to look for people who have shared their Mastodon handle on Twitter.

[https://newatlas.com/what-is-the-fediverse/56385/] - - public:mzimmerm
activitypub, fediverse, protocol - 3 | id:1294389 -

Any app that implements ActivityPub becomes part of a massive social network, one that conserves user choice and tears down walled gardens. Imagine if you could log into Facebook and see posts from your friends on Instagram and Twitter, without needing an Instagram or Twitter account.“

[https://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/73814/eshell-is-there-an-existing-method-of-redirecting-output-to-a-buffer-and-then-s] - - public:mzimmerm
eshell, redirect - 2 | id:1294384 -

1 In eshell, you can redirect stdout to an emacs buffer in a few different ways. rails g scaffold --help > (switch-to-buffer “*scaffold*“) rails g scaffold --help >>> #

[https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/lssz9h/standalone_eshell_script/] - - public:mzimmerm
batch, eshell, eval, good, script - 5 | id:1294379 -

The only known way to run eshell script from shell (outside emacs). This starts emacs UI. Add --batch to run without UI. emacs --debug-init -q --eval “(progn (require 'em-script) (let ((eshell-rc-script \“/tmp/wtf.esh\“)) (eshell)))“

[https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6238331/emacs-shell-scripts-how-to-put-initial-options-into-the-script#6259330] - - public:mzimmerm
emacs, eshell, good, script, shebang, shell - 6 | id:1294365 -

Use shebang + exec emacs --script to run emacs code as a shell script but also as emacs code, for example load-file #! /bin/sh “:“; exec emacs --no-site-file --script “$0“ -- “$@“ # -*-emacs-lisp-*- (print (+ 2 2))

[https://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/22436/how-to-copy-multiple-specified-files-in-eshell] - - public:mzimmerm
eshell, predicate - 2 | id:1294338 -

Eshell accepts ksh-like syntax. Amog others you can specify a group of files by (file1|file2|...|fileN). But, that is a bit tricky since parentheses also indicate lisp forms to be evaluated (for an example see the answer by lawlist). Use '' to tell it is a predicate, not form: cp /Users/HOME/.0.data/.0.emacs/.0.sources/emacs/(buffer.c|buffer.h|dispextern.h|ke‌​‌​yboard.c|nsterm.m|w32term.c|window.h|xdisp.c|xterm.c)'' ~/Desktop/emacs/src/

[http://xahlee.info/emacs/emacs/blog.html] - - public:mzimmerm
elisp, emacs, good - 3 | id:1294294 -

Start here, and click on “Practical elisp“ or “Lisp Basics“. Menu on the left

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