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[http://trac.clozure.com/openmcl/] - - public:megatux
compiler, languages, lisp, opensource - 4 | id:227468 -

Clozure CL is an open source Common Lisp implementation that runs on PowerPC hardware under Mac OS X and Linux, and on x86-64 hardware under Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. A port to 32-bit x86 is progressing well; a port to 64-bit Windows is also pretty far along. There's also a Solaris x86-64 port that is mostly working.

[http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~garnet/] - - public:megatux
graphics, library, lisp, x - 4 | id:228078 -

Garnet is a user interface development environment for Common Lisp and X11 or Macintosh. It helps you create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software.

[http://mcclim.cliki.net/index] - - public:megatux
development, graphics, GUI, library, lisp - 5 | id:228316 -

This is the McCLIM Cliki. McCLIM is an implementation of the CLIM 2.0 specification. CLIM (Common Lisp Interface Manager) is an advanced graphical user interface management system.

[http://www.cliki.net/CLIM] - - public:megatux
graphics, GUI, library, lisp, programming - 5 | id:228329 -

The Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) is a powerful Lisp-based programming interface that provides a layered set of portable facilities for constructing user interfaces. These include basic windowing, input, output, and graphics services; stream-orient

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