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[https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/cleartype/clear-type-font-collection] - - public:dajare
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In 2003, Microsoft brought together a team in Redmond to brainstorm, to learn about ClearType, and to kick-off a new project; to create a new set of Typefaces designed specifically to work with ClearType. We are pleased to offer a download of the book that tells the story of how these fonts were created.

[https://underscoretype.com/2017/05/25/legibility-in-typeface-design-for-screen-interfaces-sneak-peak/] - - public:dajare
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My Master’s thesis on legibility in type design is now out! As part of my studies in New Media I designed a typeface family (stay tuned for the release later this year) specifically geared towards application in digital user interfaces. The design of the typeface was supported by a methodical research of the requirements and known best practises of this genre of typefaces.

[https://www.typotheque.com/articles/designing_hebrew_type] - - public:dajare
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An article on the process of designing typefaces for the language other than your own — challenges of looking at unfamiliar patterns, letters, and their cultural significances. + https://www.typotheque.com/blog/a_new_hebrew_font_collection

[http://ilovetypography.com/OpenType/opentype-features.html] - - public:dajare
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In this article we’ll give you a look behind the scenes of OpenType substitution features — a general rather than comprehensive overview as the subject is simply too vast. We’ll start casually and work our way to more complex features and ideas | Open Type

[http://jontangerine.com/log/2008/06/the-paragraph-in-web-typography-and-design] - - public:dajare
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linked from http://artequalswork.com/posts/islands-of-thought.php and see also http://www.shadycharacters.co.uk/2012/01/miscellany-%E2%84%96-4/

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