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[https://www.virtueonline.org/christian-apologetics-cs-lewis-1945] - - public:dajare
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Some of you are priests and some are leaders of youth organizations. I have little right to address either. It is for priests to teach me, not for me to teach them. I have never helped to organize youth, and while young myself I successfully avoided being organized. If I address you it is in response to a request so urged that I came to regard compliance as a matter of obedience. | translation

[https://archive.org/stream/worksofrevhughbi03binn#page/406/mode/2up] - - public:dajare
archive.org, book, theology - 3 | id:181793 -

Treatise on Xn Love | published as Puritan Paperback by Banner of Truth Vol. 1: https://archive.org/details/worksofrevhughbi01binn Vol. 2: https://archive.org/details/worksofrevhughbi02binn

[http://blog.ayjay.org/i-like-this-god/] - - public:dajare
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When years ago, I finished reading [John Crowe Ransom’s] God Without Thunder , I threw it aside, muttering that I would rather burn eternally in hell than submit to the will of such an arbitrary, not to say monstrous, God. . . . [see rest!] | atheism judgment

[https://mrsglw.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/on-stanley-hauerwas-and-john-howard-yoder/] - - public:dajare
church, ethics, theology - 3 | id:181824 -

I have had to read a small amount of Yoder for the MA I am doing with London School of Theology. I communicated to my tutor about how inappropriate it is to have a sex offender as the primary voice on a unit about social justice and power. I have also read a small amount of Hauerwas for my MA. I say this to preface my critique of Hauerwas’ article. My theology and Christian life has not been hugely influenced by either theologians (as far as I am aware), and I seem to have made it to this point in my life as a Christian without either of their Big Thoughts. This perhaps gives me the freedom to be more highly critical than someone with a greater investment in Yoder’s or Hauerwas’ thinking. It also means that my critique is not currently able to particularly bring in Yoder’s or Hauerwas’ own thoughts to interact with the way they view women’s lives and pain.

[https://anebooks.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/academic-theology-and-life.html] - - public:dajare
fmbc, theology - 2 | id:181826 -

Academic theology in the modern West has taken a number of twists and turns, but the divide between theology and spirituality is a legacy that more often than not obfuscates a working understanding of the Christian life. Whereas Christianity is in many ways declining in the trans-Atlantic North, it is flourishing in the global South, and these developments may well represent at least a partial indictment of some of the most troubling features coming out of the modernization of the West, one of these being the splintering and dissolution of theological knowledge

[https://www.kouya.net/?p=8990] - - public:dajare
church, fmbc, theology - 3 | id:181835 -

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that the issue here is to do with theological training. I think that there are some issues to do with the way that current models of training remove people from their context and can (unintentionally) inculcate middle-class values, but these are not insoluble. I think that the real problem is that the church in the UK has bought into the British way of life to such an extent that we do not challenge the myth of the “middle-class” lifestyle

[https://powerscourt.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/authority] - - public:dajare
bible, church, greek, theology - 4 | id:181861 -

I propose that 1 Tim. 2:12 be removed from a discussion of authority until after all else has been explored. This is, first, because the word αυθεντειν in Greek had no connection with the word εξουσια the word which is usually translated authority. Second, the Latin Vulgate translated αυθεντειν as dominare, and Luther as herr sein, to be the lord. Third, in English this word was translated as "usurp authority" at a time when a usurpation was a serious crime.

[http://www.thoughtstheological.com/baptism-of-believers-and-their-children-a-surprising-covenantal-discontinuity/] - - public:dajare
baptist, church, theology - 3 | id:181876 -

I recall being befuddled that he was a pedobaptist because his description of the meaning of baptism seemed to me to lead more naturally to believer baptism. | Terry Tiessen + link to Gavin Ortlund

[https://lawfareblog.com/what-happens-when-we-dont-believe-presidents-oath] - - public:dajare
theology - 1 | id:181900 -

To be clear, we are not suggesting that the sincerity of the presidential oath presents any sort of justiciable question. To the contrary, what makes the problem of Trump’s oath vexing and difficult is precisely that it is quite improper for the judiciary to look behind a person’s formal compliance with Article II, Section I, Clause 8—any more than the courts have mechanisms to verify that the content of a State of the Union address really meets the requirements of Article II, Section 3. It's the very definition of a political question. | Relates to anabaptist concerns about modern oath-taking?

[https://ml.bethelks.edu/issue/vol-57-no-2/article/initiation-becoming-resident-aliens/] - - public:dajare
baptist, church, theology - 3 | id:181905 -

Alan Kreider | ... "A baptismal revolution" -- this is what Scottish patristics scholar David Wright, the leading expert on the origins of infant baptism, calls the result of Augustine's formulation of the doctrine of original sin. It was this formulation that shaped the baptismal practice of Christendom.

[https://septuagintstudies.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/peter-gentry-on-the-biblical-languages/] - - public:dajare
fmbc, theology - 2 | id:181915 -

We at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College believe that a pastor must have a measure of academic excellence and biblical scholarship as well as the heart and skills of a shepherd; he must have content and practical skills and both in balance. We cannot yield our curriculum to modern pressures and unbiblical models of pastor and scholar from the worldly-wise.

[https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Z7fRAAAAMAAJ&dq=%22Works+of+Jonathan+Edwards%22&source=gbs_navlinks_s] - - public:dajare
church, history, theology - 3 | id:181955 -

= Banner of Truth edition Vol 1 = https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Z7fRAAAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover Vol 2 = https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=HUFDAQAAIAAJ&printsec=frontcover Title The Works of Jonathan Edwards

[https://archive.org/stream/in.ernet.dli.2015.168721/2015.168721.The-International-Standard-Bible-Encyclopaedia-Volume-Iii-Heresy-Naarah#page/n105/mode/2up] - - public:dajare
theology - 1 | id:181969 -

Inspiration, B.B. Warfield (ed. by James Orr)

[https://feileadhmor.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/institutes-of-the-christian-religion-deluxe-edition/] - - public:dajare
church, history, theology - 3 | id:181970 -

Years ago I purchased the two volume set by McNeill and Battles and read it through a few times. More recently a good friend sent me the sinlge volume, unabridged, 1845 Beveridge calvintranslation (with the older styled cover) and I do prefer it to the two volume set. A few quotes from Amazon will help explain why one might prefer Bereridge over other editions. Calvin

[http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2013/11/14/3891054.htm] - - public:dajare
bible, church, theology - 3 | id:181975 -

There are, no doubt, many reasons for the absence of appeals to the Holy Spirit in modern theology, but I suspect one of the reasons may be that any account of the work of the Spirit entails a doctrinal reading of scripture that most theologians - and I include myself in that group - are not sure how to pull off. By drawing on what Rogers has done in his book, I hope to show that Rogers has provided us with a constructive and illuminating doctrinal reading of the work of the Holy Spirit in scripture.

[http://www.proginosko.com/2017/05/t-s-eliot-on-reading-for-amusement/] - - public:dajare
church, literature, theology - 3 | id:181997 -

[quote]But I incline to come to the alarming conclusion that it is just the literature that we read for “amusement,” or “purely for pleasure” that may have the greatest and least suspected influence upon us.[/quote] | even "Potter" implications? | James Anderson

[https://www.facebook.com/BibleWorks/posts/10154315848892001] - - public:dajare
bible, theology - 2 | id:182007 -

"The true meaning of Scripture can only be disclosed contextually. | http://www.eerdmans.com/Products/0525/reformational-theology.aspx p. 127 | https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=GXKjC_bNMc8C&lpg=PP1&pg=PA127#v=onepage&q&f=false | Bibleworks

[http://smbtv.org/index.php/resources-links/muggeridge-true-crisis-audio-transcript] - - public:dajare
economics, savedforlater, theology - 3 | id:182027 -

It would be difficult for anyone looking around the world today to resist the conclusion that something has gone very badly indeed with what we continue to call “Western Civilization.” This awareness tends to be distorted and muffled – if not obliterated – by the media, which manage to induce us to take for granted the continuingly explosive situations that confront us on every hand, and to see as an enlargement of our freedom and an enhancement of the quality of our living the steady and ominous erosion of the moral standards on which our traditional way of life has been based. | consumer consuermism

[https://theologiansinc.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/the-goodness-of-god-and-the-freedom-of-man-sacrificed-on-the-altar-of-universalism-two-brief-but-powerful-arguments-against-everyone-going-to-heaven/] - - public:dajare
theology - 1 | id:182043 -

A serious argument has been given against contingent universalism and necessary universalism. The former sacrifices the essential goodness of God and the latter the freedom of man and so becomes divine determinism, and neither appeals to anything other than bare minimal notions of goodness and freedom. To my mind these are fatal objections.

[https://soundcloud.com/carl-henry-5/sets/john-webster-perfection-and-presence-kantzer-lectures-2007] - - public:dajare
audio, theology - 2 | id:182068 -

In the inauguration of the Kantzer Lectures series, distinguished Professor John Webster delivers a rich reflection upon the perfections and presence of God.

[http://marginalia.lareviewofbooks.org/renewing-heart-systematic-theology-brad-east/] - - public:dajare
academic, theology - 2 | id:182111 -

Katherine Sonderegger’s new book, the first in a three-volume systematic theology, offers an occasion to answer these questions in a concrete way. It also provides an opportunity to widen the frame on systematic theology’s would-be demise, or exile, and so to understand anew the current issues and challenges that face Christian academic theology today.

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