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[https://www.academia.edu/35669191/The_YQTL-%C3%98_Preterite_in_Ugaritic_Epic_Poetry._Archiv_Orientalni_2017_85_3_345-387] - - public:dajare
hebrew, linguistics - 2 | id:181822 -

Alexander Andrason and Juan-Pablo VIta, The YQTL-Ø "Preterite" in Ugaritic Epic Poetry. Archiv Orientalni (2017) 85/3: 345-387.

[https://www.eisenbrauns.org/books/titles/978-1-57506-492-5.html] - - public:dajare
bible, hebrew, linguistics - 3 | id:181912 -

Holroyd applies this more-expansive application of performative theories of language to the oracle against Babylon in MT Jeremiah 50–51 to study the illocutionary force of the oracle against Babylon on some of its many levels, including lower levels in which the oracle performs to Babylon and to Israel and higher levels in which the oracle performs within the collection of foreign nation oracles and the larger text of MT Jeremiah. + https://www.etf.edu/en/30th-international-doctoral-week-at-etf-leuven/ + http://westminpca.com/about-us/staff/

[http://see-j.net/index.php/hiphil/index] - - public:dajare
bible, hebrew, linguistics, theology - 4 | id:182613 -

Hiphil is a peer-reviewed academic journal on Old Testament Hebrew Bible Theology, Interpretation, Poetics, History, Interactivity, and Linguistics with particular emphasis on bridging the gap between the ancient authors and modern readers.

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