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[https://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.com/2018/06/critique-textuelle-de-lancien-testament.html] - - public:dajare
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Good news for Old Testament textual critics! The University of Zurich Library has made the volumes of CTAT available for free download as part of ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive). I’ve been told (correct me if you know something more) that there will be no Pentateuch volume for this series. I want to thank Dougald Mclaurin and Brian Davidson for bringing this news to my attention. Enjoy!

[https://cruxsolablog.com/2018/08/16/my-free-greek-reader-textbook-now-available-gupta/] - - public:dajare
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I am excited to announce the publication of Intermediate Biblical Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts. This book is an open-access textbook, which means that it is free to download and read.... IBGR offers guidance for reading through the entire text of Galatians. Then, it guides the student through “related” Greek texts, such as the wider context of LXX passages that Paul quotes in Galatians, the faith/works section of James 2, and a reading from John Chrysostom’s homilies on Galatians. There are also chapters on the basics of textual criticism with examples in Galatians, and the book concludes with a short discussion of Marcion’s redaction of Galatians.

[https://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2018/08/educating-humans-to-subvert-technocracy/] - - public:dajare
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Alan Jacobs’s new book, The Year of Our Lord 1943: Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis, traces a fascinating intellectual debate that arose on the Western home front during World War II. The five figures his narrative follows—Jacques Maritain, T. S. Eliot, C. S. Lewis, W. H. Auden, and Simone Weil—were worried that the Allies might overcome the technological power of the Nazis and fascists, yet fail to sustain a credible cultural alternative. | O'Donovan?

[https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/the-ashtray-has-landed-the-case-of-morris-v-kuhn/] - - public:dajare
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T. S. Kuhn, author of the immensely influential book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, a book assigned to countless students of the philosophy, history, and sociology of science, is exposed as a corrupter of the youth, the father of relativist and postmodernist heresies, an unoriginal borrower from more insightful thinkers, an arrogant dogmatist, implacably intolerant, ill-tempered, confused, contradictory, vapid, and obsessive. In Morris’s telling, the man who denied reality could not face up to what he had done.

[https://archive.org/stream/worksofrevhughbi03binn#page/406/mode/2up] - - public:dajare
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Treatise on Xn Love | published as Puritan Paperback by Banner of Truth Vol. 1: https://archive.org/details/worksofrevhughbi01binn Vol. 2: https://archive.org/details/worksofrevhughbi02binn

[https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=bnqx5GNRw8sC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false] - - public:dajare
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In The Company We Keep, Wayne C. Booth argues for the relocation of ethics to the center of our engagement with literature. But the questions he asks are not confined to morality. Returning ethics to its root sense, Booth proposes that the ethical critic will be interested in any effect on the ethos, the total character or quality of tellers and listeners. Ethical criticism will risk talking about the quality of this particular encounter with this particular work. Yet it will give up the old hope for definitive judgments of "good" work and "bad." Rather it will be a conversation about many kinds of personal and social goods that fictions can serve or destroy. While not ignoring the consequences for conduct of engaging with powerful stories, it will attend to that more immediate topic, What happens to us as we read? Who am I, during the hours of reading or listening? What is the quality of the life I lead in the company of these would-be friends?

[http://slatestarcodex.com/2018/03/26/book-review-twelve-rules-for-life/] - - public:dajare
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I got Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules For Life for the same reason as the other 210,000 people: to make fun of the lobster thing. Or if not the lobster thing, then the neo-Marxism thing, or the transgender thing, or the thing where the neo-Marxist transgender lobsters want to steal your precious bodily fluids.

[http://www.fourmilab.ch] - - public:dajare
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The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition | +++

[https://www.abebooks.co.uk/books/features/50-essential-historical-fiction-books.shtml] - - public:dajare
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The books listed below include examples of historical fiction by the strictest of definitions, as well as those that fudge the rules a bit - or a lot. Written over the last 200+ years, with settings that range from ancient Rome in Robert Graves' I, Claudius, to 19th century Egypt and an imaginary relationship between Gustav Flaubert and Florence Nightingale in Enid Shomer's The Twelve Rooms of the Nile, to 15th Centrury Florence in George Eliot's study of the Italian Renaissance, Romola.

[http://copyrightuser.org/protecting/] - - public:dajare
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Copyright is a set of ‘exclusive’ rights, giving creators the right to control the use of their work and the ability to earn from it. | moral economic rights legal

[http://www.jimcollins.com/books.html] - - public:dajare
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Good to Great : social sector : non-profits

[http://resrc.io] - - public:dajare
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List of Free Learning Resources | https://github.com/sourceful/free-programming-books

[http://www.bensira.org] - - public:dajare
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Welcome to www.bensira.org, the website devoted to the ancient and medieval Hebrew manuscripts of the book of Ben Sira. | Ecclesiasticus

[http://natzraya.com/watchmenpdfpage.html] - - public:dajare
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full-text PDFs

[https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=U_2Qb8EKkOQC&printsec=frontcover&dq=editions:IoK1LQaj_scC&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCYQ6AEwAWoVChMIzd7ZiszqxwIVSVUUCh00egEH#v=onepage&q=serious%20resistance&f=false] - - public:dajare
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https://goo.gl/gPm5da | Donald Macleod | http://www.donaldmacleod.org/?p=519

[http://www.continuumbooks.com/books/detail.aspx?BookId=125410&SubjectId=901&Subject2Id=1011] - - public:dajare
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Metaphors and the Psalms of Imprecation by Brian Doyle Words with Teeth aims at a combination of both establishing metaphor as the primary reading strategy for approaching Biblical Hebrew Poetry and applying the said strategy to a heterogeneous group

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