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[https://cruxsolablog.com/2018/08/16/my-free-greek-reader-textbook-now-available-gupta/] - - public:dajare
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I am excited to announce the publication of Intermediate Biblical Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts. This book is an open-access textbook, which means that it is free to download and read.... IBGR offers guidance for reading through the entire text of Galatians. Then, it guides the student through “related” Greek texts, such as the wider context of LXX passages that Paul quotes in Galatians, the faith/works section of James 2, and a reading from John Chrysostom’s homilies on Galatians. There are also chapters on the basics of textual criticism with examples in Galatians, and the book concludes with a short discussion of Marcion’s redaction of Galatians.

[https://www.bibleworks.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-5851.html] - - public:dajare
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However, by chance I discovered that in BW10 if you hit the alt shortcuts, eg alt + t for Tools or alt + v for View, the main menu partially appears. If you go to the main menu bar with your mouse, everything appears. Then you can go to View > Toolbar > initialize main tool bar, and that appears again. The main menu disappears again eventually, but at least you can access it again and again with the alt shortcuts.

[https://www.facebook.com/BibleWorks/posts/10155223135332001] - - public:dajare
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Have you ever wanted a list of the Psalms ordered by the number of unique words in each (and therefore, listed shortest to longest)? You can do this in BW if you wish to take on a Hebrew study challenge of reading the Psalms in that order.

[https://nwu.academia.edu/JacoGericke] - - public:dajare
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My current concern, however, is not, as has recently become popular in isolated circles, how the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible can be relevant or problematic for Jewish/Christian philosophy of religion. Rather, I try to show how descriptive varieties of philosophy of religion can be used for a clarification of beliefs, concepts and practices in ancient Israelite religion.

[http://drshirley.org/greek/textbook02/contents.html] - - public:dajare
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This is the Table of Contents for the accented edition of the online Greek Textbook which I am in process of writing.

[https://powerscourt.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/authority] - - public:dajare
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I propose that 1 Tim. 2:12 be removed from a discussion of authority until after all else has been explored. This is, first, because the word αυθεντειν in Greek had no connection with the word εξουσια the word which is usually translated authority. Second, the Latin Vulgate translated αυθεντειν as dominare, and Luther as herr sein, to be the lord. Third, in English this word was translated as "usurp authority" at a time when a usurpation was a serious crime.

[https://www.eisenbrauns.org/books/titles/978-1-57506-492-5.html] - - public:dajare
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Holroyd applies this more-expansive application of performative theories of language to the oracle against Babylon in MT Jeremiah 50–51 to study the illocutionary force of the oracle against Babylon on some of its many levels, including lower levels in which the oracle performs to Babylon and to Israel and higher levels in which the oracle performs within the collection of foreign nation oracles and the larger text of MT Jeremiah. + https://www.etf.edu/en/30th-international-doctoral-week-at-etf-leuven/ + http://westminpca.com/about-us/staff/

[http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2013/11/14/3891054.htm] - - public:dajare
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There are, no doubt, many reasons for the absence of appeals to the Holy Spirit in modern theology, but I suspect one of the reasons may be that any account of the work of the Spirit entails a doctrinal reading of scripture that most theologians - and I include myself in that group - are not sure how to pull off. By drawing on what Rogers has done in his book, I hope to show that Rogers has provided us with a constructive and illuminating doctrinal reading of the work of the Holy Spirit in scripture.

[https://shebanq.ancient-data.org] - - public:dajare
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System for HEBrew Text: ANnotations for Queries and Markup

[https://www.monergism.com/blog/exposition-revelation-mp3-series-g-k-beale] - - public:dajare
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This monumental study of the book of Revelation will be especially helpful to scholars, pastors, students, and others seriously interested in interpreting the Apocalypse for the benefit of the church. Too often Revelation is viewed as a book only about the future. As G. K. Beale shows, however, Revelation is not merely a futurology but a book about how the church should live for the glory of God throughout the ages -- including our own. Approaching Revelation in terms of its own historical background and literary character, Beale argues convincingly that John’s use of Old Testament allusions -- and the way the Jewish exegetical tradition interpreted these same allusions -- provides the key for unlocking the meaning of Revelation’s many obscure metaphors.

[http://etheses.dur.ac.uk/3138/] - - public:dajare
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Not disregarding the diachronic dimension of the text, at the heart of this study is a close theological reading of Exodus 32-34 and Numbers 13-14 in their final form with focus on the nature and theological function of Moses' prayers. + http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/WIDMOSESG + http://www.eisenbrauns.com/item/WIDSTANDI

[https://archive.org/details/InternationalCriticalCommentaryHolyScripturesOtnt.OldTestamentCecEd] - - public:dajare
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The International Critical Commentary -- ICC -- on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, Edited by C.A.Briggs, S.R.Driver, A.Plummer. and many 19th century scholars of America and Europe. Here is the set of the ICC Critical and Exegetical Commentary Old Testament series. Some volumes could not be found and good or better alternate works and volumes are selected as replacement to complete the set, and may be, in turn and time, replaced by the original volumes when found.

[https://www.facebook.com/BibleWorks/posts/10154315848892001] - - public:dajare
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"The true meaning of Scripture can only be disclosed contextually. | http://www.eerdmans.com/Products/0525/reformational-theology.aspx p. 127 | https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=GXKjC_bNMc8C&lpg=PP1&pg=PA127#v=onepage&q&f=false | Bibleworks

[https://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?1083-Hebrew-verbs-non-Qal-etc&highlight=list+verbs] - - public:dajare
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I want to be able to identify Hebrew verbs that do NOT occur in the Qal, rather only in the Piel or Hiphil or whatever.

[https://www.bookdepository.com/NIV-Popular-Bible-with-Cross-References-New-International-Version/9781444701531?ref=grid-view] - - public:dajare
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This Bible also features: clear, readable 9pt text easy-to-read layout maps shortcuts to key stories, events and people of the Bible reading plan timeline book by book overview quick links to find inspiration and help from the Bible in different life situations.British Text This edition uses British spelling, punctuation and grammar to allow the Bible to be read more naturally. | FOR SUSAN? £16.00

[https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ZQNNAwAAQBAJ&lr=&source=gbs_navlinks_s] - - public:dajare
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The purpose of this book is to help postmodern Westerners understand what the Bible has to say about wealth and possessions, basing itself on the presumption that (a) nobody can understand themselves apart from some recognition of their spiritual roots, and (b) that these roots sink deeper into the pages of the Bible than most Westerners realize.

[https://www.biblical.edu/cynthia-parker] - - public:dajare
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Dr. Cyndi Parker lived and taught in Israel for five years before pursuing PhDstudies on the biblical view of place.

[http://www.bibleworks.com/forums/showthread.php?4579-Multiple-Texts-Search&highlight=different+versions] - - public:dajare
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Bibleworks; search for hits intersecting from two different versions (e.g. Hebrew and NASB)

[http://www.affinity.org.uk/foundations-issues/issue-63] - - public:dajare
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