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[https://wip.pubpub.org/collectivewisdom] - - public:weinreich
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Why co-create and why now? Collective Wisdom is a first-of-its-kind field study of the media industry, that maps works that live outside the limits of singular authorship. While the concept of co-creation is entering the zeitgeist, it is an ancient and under-reported dynamic. Media co-creation has particular relevance in the face of today’s myriad of challenges, such as the climate crisis and threats to democracy. But it is not without risks and complications. In this study we look at how people co-create within communities; across disciplines; and increasingly, with living systems and artificial intelligence (AI). We also synthesize the risks, as well as the practical lessons from the field on how to co-create with an ethos grounded in principles of equity and justice. This qualitative study reframes how culture is produced, and is a first step in articulating contemporary co-creative practices and ethics. In doing so, it connects unusual dots.

[http://www.scribd.com/doc/164913914/Bringing-the-Future-to-Life-Pervasive-Transmedia-Scenarios-and-the-World-of-Worlding] - - public:weinreich
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A technique is described for applying design processes associated with transmedia storytelling to the materialization of speculative future scenarios. How could this technique could be used to engage mass audiences in decision-making processes and experiences simulating different possible futures?

[http://www.loveradio-rwanda.org/episode/1/onair/intro] - - public:weinreich
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Love Radio is a transmedia documentary about the process of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda. It tells the story of the popular radio soap Musekeweya, ‘New Dawn’, which tries to prevent new outbursts of violence.

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