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[http://www.conducttr.com/training/conference-2014/immersive-storyworld-creative-process-inside-out/] - - public:weinreich
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Alison Norrington and Nataly Rios give a detailed examination of the creation and development of The Chatsfield, a persistent interactive living soap opera that integrates numerous characters, digital platforms, interactive games and user-generated content. They discuss the evolution and operation of this project, explaining how to tell a story across multiple platforms, collaborating with different teams and partners.

[http://www.loveradio-rwanda.org/episode/1/onair/intro] - - public:weinreich
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Love Radio is a transmedia documentary about the process of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda. It tells the story of the popular radio soap Musekeweya, ‘New Dawn’, which tries to prevent new outbursts of violence.

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