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[https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28075743/how-do-i-compose-a-rotation-matrix-with-human-readable-angles-from-scratch/28084380#28084380] - - public:amedlock
gamedev, math - 2 | id:375943 -

[http://rudy.ca/doomsday.html] - - public:xxx
calculator, dates, math - 3 | id:277060 -

The Doomsday Algorithm gives the day of the week for any date (and you can do it in your head)

[http://www.personal.kent.edu/~rmuhamma/Mathematics/mathematics.html] - - public:stevetao
Math - 1 | id:269488 -

[https://www.teamglide.com/mathsbusinesstests] - - public:adamsellman
academics test, America, business, employee performance, forulae, human resources, math, mathematics, mathematics business, numbers, performance, pre-employment skills, pre-employment testing, recruitment, US, USA - 16 | id:265933 -

Teamglide's Mathematics Business Tests asks individuals to evaluate numerical data found in business related questions and statements, charts and illustrations. The test provides an insight into an individuals ability to leverage formulas and numbers, enhance productivity and performance, while reducing numerical business errors. Test takers are provided with a range of questions and statements in which they are required to select the correct multiple-choice answer or asked to write their answer upon answering an open ended question.

[https://leetcode.com/explore/interview/card/top-interview-questions-hard/] - - public:xxx
code, development, interview, jobs, learn, math, software - 7 | id:232165 -

LeetCode Explore is the best place for everyone to start practicing and learning on LeetCode. No matter if you are a beginner or a master, there are always new topics waiting for you to explore.

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