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[https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42883033/service-worker-check-cached-resources-are-up-to-date-or-latest] - - public:mzimmerm
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You have two options: Switch from your current cache-first strategy in your fetch handler to a strategy like stale-while-revalidate. Use a build-time tool to generate a service worker that changes each time one of your local resources changes, which will trigger the install and activate handlers, giving them a chance to update your users' caches with the latest copies of your assets. These tools work by generating hashes of each local file and inlining those hashes into the generated service worker script.

[https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49739438/when-and-how-does-a-pwa-update-itself] - - public:mzimmerm
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Only two events… In essence, there are only two events that will automatically trigger a PWA update: A change in the linked manifest.json; e.g. a changed icon file or a changed scope or start_url. A one-character change in the controlling service-worker.js. E.g., if you store the version number in a const in this file and change it, an update of the PWA will be triggered.

[https://medium.com/samsung-internet-dev/introducing-progressive-web-apps-to-samsung-galaxy-store-47ecd317725b] - - public:xxx
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At Samsung, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are one of the features of the Web we prioritise for our web browser, Samsung Internet. Our previous forays have included experimentation and evolution of…

[https://levelup.gitconnected.com/build-a-pwa-using-only-vanilla-javascript-bdf1eee6f37a] - - public:xxx
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“A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver a native app-like experience to users. These apps meet certain requirements (see below), are deployed to…

[https://itnext.io/pwa-splash-screen-and-icon-generator-a74ebb8a130] - - public:xxx
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PWA asset generator based on Puppeteer. Automatically generates icons and splash screens based on Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Updates manifest.json and index.html file

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