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[https://archiveofourown.org/works/1558160/chapters/3303989] - - public:hawkingbird
fandom:glee, pairing:kadam - 2 | id:251638 -

One night while walking home, Kurt hears someone being attacked in an alley. Unable to ignore the cries, Kurt rushes to help. While the attack is over in minutes, the consequences for Kurt linger on, physically and psychologically, as he copes with his injuries, his memories, and his deteriorating relationship with Blaine.

[https://deliriumfics.tumblr.com/post/50140654712/fic-team-bruce-team-ellen] - - public:hawkingbird
fandom:glee, pairing:kadam - 2 | id:251632 -

Santana’s not really sure about this Adam guy. Kurt has terrible taste in men, so she thinks she might be on Team Bruce. One night she comes home from work to see the British crumpet himself making dinner, and decides to grill him a little

[https://tierfallen.livejournal.com/118786.html] - - public:hawkingbird
fandom:glee, pairing:kurtofsky - 2 | id:251620 -

Somehow the dead heat of summer gives rise to the mother(fucker) of all second chances. The road to redemption is paved with fights, phone calls, false starts, and more than a few jokes at the expense of the lovable Finn Hudson.

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