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[https://www.railrestro.com/blog/food-in-train-journey-for-high-blood-pressure-patients/] - - public:railrestro
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High BP Patient: Get to know what to eat and what to avoid during your train journey. A Diet plan starting from Morning Breakfast to the Dinner. Get to know How to avail these healthier food options while traveling in the train. Read more for further details.

[https://railrestro.quora.com/Indian-Railways-Security-Measures-and-Facilities-for-Passengers-in-2019] - - public:railrestro
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Indian Railways has taken multiple steps to ensure security and provide world-class facility to the passengers. Now passengers can order food in train from the green field base kitchen established by IRCTC. Read our blog to know more about IRCTC’s step for a better journey experience.

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