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Join us to learn about Tableau Blueprint, a step-by-step guide to becoming a data-driven organisation. Drive, coordinate, and accelerate organizational change with Tableau’s proven approach. Learn how to confidently deploy and operate at scale based on our experience with thousands of customers if you’re at the beginning of your journey. If you’re already on the way, use Tableau Blueprint to evaluate your progress against best practices and identify areas for improvement. You’ll walk away from this session ready to take the first steps in the right direction, and understand how the Blueprint can be applied in your organisation.

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A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage Authored by leading journalists from the BBC, Storyful, ABC, Digital First Media and other verification experts, the Verification Handbook is a groundbreaking new resource for journalists and aid providers. It provides the tools, techniques and step-by-step guidelines for how to deal with user-generated content (UGC) during emergencies.

[https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/ulterior-motives/201908/there-are-two-types-misinformation] - - public:weinreich
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the continued influence effect, which is the observation that the first pieces of information people hear continue to affect what people believe, even when they later find out that information is false.

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To do so, we drew on a theoretical framework which highlights that defaults operate through three channels: first, defaults work because they reflect an implicit endorsement from the choice architect—your company’s HR department, your city’s policy office, your credit card company, your child’s school. Second, defaults work because staying with the defaulted choice is easier than switching away from it. Third, defaults work because they endow decision makers with an option, meaning they’re less likely to want to give it up, now that it’s theirs. As a result, we hypothesized that default designs that trigger more of these channels (also called the three Es: endorsement, ease, and endowment) would be more effective. In our analysis, we find partial support for this idea. That is, we find that studies that were designed to trigger endorsement (defaults that are seen as conveying what the choice architect thinks the decision maker should do) or endowment (defaults that are seen as reflecting the status quo) were more likely to be effective. In addition, we find that defaults in consumer domains tend to be more effective, and that defaults in pro-environmental domains (such as green energy defaults) tend to be less effective.

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html design templates

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The internet is the source of entertainment and income to a lot of people and without it, most of us would be imbalanced. In fact, research published by Direct Line by Opinium Research online found out that the internet has topped a list of modern-day essentials that their respondents can't live without.

[https://www.slideshare.net/lifitechnology/li-fi-what-it-is-and-how-it-works] - - public:lifitechnology
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Originally, the internet was made to connect laboratories that did government research and it has now expanded to serve millions of people all around the world.

[https://lifidigitaltechnology.blogspot.com/2019/08/top-5-emerging-technologies-of-2019.html] - - public:lifitechnology
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The rapid development of technology paves the way for more trends this year. Exponential growth only enables an unparalleled change and a constant need for learning. We must stay on track with the latest, as upgrades come in faster paces than before.

[https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/JSOCM-04-2017-0027/full/html] - - public:weinreich
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This commentary argues that social marketing and the application of behavioural sciences to policy constitute two converging paths towards better policies. It highlights points of convergence and divergence between both disciplines and the potential benefits of further embedding social marketing principles and methods within the recent trend of applying behavioural sciences to policy.

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Does e-catering in trains operate 24*7? What if I order and didn’t get it delivered on time? Catering questions haunting your mind? Here’re some of the questions busted with answers on online food ordering in train.

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