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[http://www.ektasis.com/products/index.html] - - public:time
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The Ektasis application framework enables execution of real software on the Internet. The need for an Executable Internet has been frequently cited by thought leaders in the software and web development industries.

[http://www.goosync.com/] - - public:time
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GooSync.com Beta is an over-the-air synchronisation service for GoogleCalendar. Just hit the sync button on your mobile device to synchronize your GoogleCalendar and the calendar on your mobile device.

[http://linuxbios.org/Welcome_to_LinuxBIOS] - - public:time
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LinuxBIOS is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS you can find in most of today's computers. It performs just a little bit of hardware initialization and then executes one of many possible payloads, e.g. a Linux kernel, FILO, Op

[http://www.mikewinter.org/musicmuppet/] - - public:time
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The chief benefit of this is that one no longer needs any server software running on a host PC, aside from whatever is necessary to boot the receiver, and a web server to serve the music.

[http://www.lifehacker.com/software/downloads/geek-to-live-automatically-download-and-install-your-favorite-software-211373.php] - - public:time
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an innovative new Windows utility called InstallPad automates downloads and software installation. Simply provide InstallPad with your favorite apps' URLs and it does all the footwork for you - while you spend your time doing something much more interesti

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