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[http://xpertmud.sourceforge.net] - - public:Trinsec
Clients, Import, MUSH, Perl, programming, Python, Ruby, Software, Tools - 9 | id:72396 -

Xpertmud is an extensible perl, python and ruby scriptable MUD client. It is based on Qt and KDE. There's a native Linux/KDE version as well as a native Windows/Win32 build. This enables you to use the same script on your Linux box at home and on your Windows box at work...It supports multiple windows (which are scriptable), and you can use triggers, aliases or whatever you want on every bit of text that comes from or goes to the server. There's a stable and intuitive plugin API, so you can extend the client with Qt-based C++ code. A sample plugin for the btech MUX is included.

[http://www.autopatcher.com/] - - public:time
patch, patches, software, tools, windows, WinXP - 6 | id:4413 -

AutoPatcher is based on the functionality of these special updates, automating their installation process. This way, with only a few mouse clicks and two minutes of your time, AutoPatcher is able to continue with the installation of the items you selected

[http://euler.sourceforge.net/] - - public:megatux
graphics, linux, math, software - 4 | id:228186 -

# d discussing functions of one real or complex variable. # Viewing surfaces in parameter representation. # Linear algebra and eigenvalue computation. # Testing numerical algorithms. # Solving differentia

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