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[http://www.freeswitch.org/] - - public:time
opensource, pbx, SIP, software, telephony, voip - 6 | id:4166 -

An open source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products scaling from a soft-phone up to a soft-switch. It can be used as a simple switching engine, a PBX, a media gateway or a media server to host IVR appli

[http://www.shatters.net/celestia/] - - public:ghiberti
3D, simulation, software, space, travel - 5 | id:282541 -

Celestia, a real-time 3D space simulation featuring a database of over 100,000 stars, nearly a hundred solar system, objects, and a complete catalog of extrasolar planets.

[http://www.iola.dk/nemo/] - - public:megatux
calendar, filemanager, gnome, linux, software - 5 | id:227628 -

It's a new way of managing files. Or rather not manage files. Currently it's a cross between a calendar and a file browser with labels. It's a free/open source GTK application written in C#.

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